What to Write - Adding the personal touch

What to Write - Adding the personal touch

So you’ve managed to select the perfect card for your best friend or partner. When you look at the design you get the immediate sense they’re going to love it or even better, it’s going to make them laugh out loud!

Now the tricky part….what to write inside.

Not everyone is their own version of Shakespeare. How on earth do you match the impact of the design with your words or convey the level of emotion you want to with your words.

Some handy tips

Make it personal:

Think about what makes that person so important to you. Is it the fact they’ve been there for you through thick and thin since you were kids? Is it that they are helping you with childcare or with an elderly parent? Whatever makes that person important to you should make a lovely powerful heartfelt message.

“I can’t tell you how much I value our friendship. From the age of 10 you’ve always known how to make my belly ache with laughter and I love it”


“I want you to know that it’s not just Mom who values your help and support. Every day you show how much we mean to you and I want you to know I see and love every effort you make.”

Now not every message needs to be heartfelt or lengthy. The act of giving a card is in itself a beautiful gesture but you get the drift here – if you want to add personal messaging just think about why that person matters so much to you!

Another way to personalize a card is to add a photo. With Wishbird.ca you can add a photo of that time you were both there when your team won the cup, or when you and your friends decided to jump in the lake in February (never to be repeated but always remembered!) It’s sure to raise a smile or reinforce the bond you have with whoever you’re sending the card to.  

Last tip - Stuck for the right words? Take a couple of minutes to draft something on paper or on your laptop – the act of writing things out helps a lot of people gain clarity.

More important than this though is to remember – the card itself shows you care.

Wishbird.ca gives you the chance to make someone’s day. The card itself will do it a lot more than a text or social media like. A really personal message and photo in the card is really the cherry on top.

Blog written by Gavin Thomson

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