What's better than a social media 'Like'?

What's better than a social media 'Like'?

Give me Likes!

In 2015 I went traveling. I visited Australia, New Zealand, South America and Canada and along the way made sure to post my pictures and updates on social media. There’s nothing unique about this, it’s what pretty much all of us do / have done for the last decade plus to feel connected.

And if we’re being honest – it’s not just about keeping your friend list up to date with what you’re up to, is it. There’s a nice feeling of gratification attached to seeing the number of ‘likes’ at the bottom of your update.

On my travels I managed to get interviewed by Japanese TV about my thoughts on karaoke. The fact I can single out this moment and post from my travels shows the appeal of feeling noticed and liked by those we value.

Likes PLUS?

Can we take those feelings and actions and elevate them up a level? I believe we can.

Think about the act of giving and receiving a card for a minute.

As the recipient, you know that someone has taken time and effort to source a card, write a lovely heartfelt message in the card and then managed to get it sent to you. They may have taken time to pick a card which will make you laugh, cry, feel loved or thankful. All the above says to me – it’s social media PLUS.

Now let’s think of the sender. There’s a warm feeling attached to knowing someone is going to open your card and it’s very likely to be one of the highlights of their day. You can’t really compare that feeling to that of seeing them give a thumbs up to your latest post.

Cards – done the easy way

For many the act of giving a card seems outdated and too much like hard work. We’re time poor, living on a budget and the range of cards in stores seems to diminish year on year.

Here at Wishbird.ca we’re inspired to help senders and recipients of cards feel loved and valued. And we want to make it as easy and affordable as possible.

  • For an extremely affordable price you can select from a wide range of cards to mark any occasion.
  • You can add your own personalized messaging, perhaps a picture of you standing atop Machu Pichu or just enjoying that last summer beer.
  • The price includes packaging and postage so you won’t need to leave the house.

Let us help you truly make someone’s day! Visit Wishbird.ca.


Blog contribution by Gavin Thomson

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