Lizzie Huxtable Design

Lizzie Huxtable Design

Graduating from the Royal College of Art in London, I embarked on a voyage in fashion design; the best ideas always sprang from drawing and line, so my love of scribbling led the way. Illustration was my default activity. A scrap of paper is never safe from my pen.

Swapping the world of fashion for one of publishing in 2001, I joined my husband in a new venture - greetings cards. A huge, competitive market, but we had something new - women on cards! They said  “Women buy cards - they won’t buy pictures of other women!"

Well, “our” women did, and they do - and men!  My ladies of elegance and fashion segued into humour irresistibly, then one day my partner in crime said “Animals?”  “Absolutely not" said I.

Two weeks later I looked at a notebook and a dozen quirky animals had spontaneously appeared... and so it goes on!

Forget industry trends -  the human desire to communicate, to send love and good wishes with a card, is about so much more than that - it is huge and very personal; ploughing an independent furrow, sowing seeds of artistry and observation, we see what grows. Inspiration is not found in committees or marketing meetings, but in listening, looking and experimenting.

Lizzie and Doug live in a wonderful cathedral city, with seagulls. Two dogs occasionally drag them away from creative work, and allow them refreshments if they are good.

Ethos: “Our True Intent is All for Your Delight” - Shakespeare.

Motto: “The Power of The Hand” - Huxtable

Lizzie Huxtable MDesRCA

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